A Maturing Organization

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, June 02, 2009

When our organization sets up its own office in the future, we will be needing local companies similar to Chicago Remodeling companies. We will need to present them our requirements for the use of the spaces and they will give us proposals on how we can maximize the space we will rent.

We will be needing space to conduct martial arts training for the youth who will be sent by the different youth organizations accredited by Breaking Point Foundation. That means, these organizations want to make use of Breaking Point’s programs in their area. Our organization will provide the training and promotion in the high schools in their area. With those in mind, we will also need some office space for administration and additional storage space for our equipment, sound system and a garage for a truck or a van.

Right now, we need to keep on establishing the credentials and experience of our organization and then eventually learn how to raise funds locally so we will not have to be dependent on support from the US. We hope to get to this point of maturity in our operations in the next few years. Please keep Breaking Point Foundation in your prayers.