Hip and Cool Frames for Students

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the many times that we have visited schools all over the metro and even in the provinces, we cannot help but notice that number of students who are wearing eyeglasses. In some public schools, there are even students who are not able to get their glasses upgraded for so many years, despite the need to change grades for their lenses. The primary reason is the lack of budget. The cheapest kind of glasses cost more than $20.

Incidentally, I am not surprised why even New York Times has something to say about Zenni Optical. Their recent article entitled “Seeing Straight without Breaking Bank,” gives us all a straightforward answer to the rather nagging cost of optical frames in the market. We are in the hard times and even before there was an admission of recession worldwide, this third world country has always struggled even in this. It is just so neat to learn about Zenni Optical being able to provide quality lenses that do not have to be pricey.

If you think that with this kind of package must come a set of boring frames, think again. Look at this hip and cool frames, for example. This is sure to be a hit to students and even young professionals and the good news is, it doesn’t have to hurt your pocket.