As an organization that deals with young people, mostly highs school students and youth from different youth ministries, we have attended a lot of youth programs, services and fellowships and a common thing that we see during these programs is the importance given to the components in their programs. They utilize icebreaker games or any crowd breaker activity to start of their program. This is especially helpful because it breaks the ice and creates excitement and laughter. It gets the young people’s attention.

The use of group games in the middle of the program also is something that we’ve observed as vital. This forces or, should we say, facilitates interaction among young people. Teenagers love to meet new friends, that’s why in the internet, most of the social networks in the Philippines have members who are teenagers. The use of group activities touch this natural need of young people.

When creating programs for youth camps, youth services, fellowships or even just a youth Bible study group, you can visit This is an online resource for youth groups, youth ministries and even businesses that need some activities for their meetings. You can get ideas from this site however small or big your group is.