Breaking Point Pre-enrollment Seminar

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Posted by Jeff | Saturday, May 17, 2008

During a meeting today with the Supreme Student Government adviser of Gen. Pio del Pilar National H.S., schedules for peer counseling simultaneous with parents' seminar were finalized and are set on May 19 for the incoming second year students, May 22 for the incoming third year students, May 26 for the incoming fourth year students and May 30 for the transferees. The goal of these activities is to assist the students, in partnership and with the involvement of their parents, who have had failing grades, have been absentees, late comers, etc. as they learn to cope with the coming school year. We hope to be able to provide guidance to the students and parents on these said dates so that problems, usually rooted in the family, in the student's academic and behavioral performance will be minimized.

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Posted by Jeff | Thursday, May 01, 2008