In less than 15 hours the UFC 117 sopcast live stream match will be watched by millions of viewers around the world. The main event of the match will be the fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. It will be a battle for the Middleweight title. Currently, Silva is the title holder and Sonnen is a viable opponent for the belt.

Truly, the UFC 117 live streaming sopcast will be a very exciting fight. I hope to send the highlights of the match soon to hopeful watchers.

Receive Assistance from Experts and Professionals

Posted by Jeff | Friday, March 26, 2010

The abuse of substances like alcohol is one of the things that Breaking Point Foundation is working on preventing among young people. Those who build habits of drinking at a young age carry it over throughout majority if not the whole of their adult life.

There are others who even take risks like driving while under the influence. Some people I know from Fort Worth Texas have had experiences with cases like these. There are those who are guilty but there are those who are charged wrongly.

For those who have undergone tarrant county license revocation hearing procedures, they were grateful to have had the assistance of experienced criminal defense attorneys who have handled many DWI cases in Fort Worth and Dallas. A fort worth expunction lawyer was important because these lawyers were able to guide their clients through the legal proceedings of the Texas criminal justice system. For your license revocation hearing lawyer fort worth needs visit

It pays to get some guidance. The same thing goes with those who are struggling with substance abuse. Breaking Point Foundation deals with prevention but there are other groups and organizations that deal with assistance and rehabilitation. Take time to research these organizations and groups.

Many Filipinos here and around the world are excited to watch the Pacquiao vs Clottey replay video on HBO's PPV which is available not only in residences but also in malls around Metro Manila and key cities in the province. For our organization, we see the importance and the value of every Manny Pacquiao fight because crime rate and violence all around the Philippines go down during every Pacman fight.

We also expect the same thing as we watch the Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey replay full video fight tomorrow, March 14, 2010 here, but the 13th in Texas. Many people will be glued to the television including criminals.

Manny Pacquiao fans all hope and pray for another victory for him and the country and I'm sure the same thing goes for people in Ghana for Joshua Clottey. But in the end of the end, only one will come out a winner from the full video replay of Pacquiao vs Clottey world welterweight championship.

Breaking Point Foundation Philippines is scheduled for its first international missions trip on May 31 to June 13. We are looking at Nairobi, Kenya and Arusha, Tanzania as the places to go to.

The trip will be in partnership with Manna Worldwide and will not be a purely Breaking Point missions trip. Please pray for us. We will provide more details and updates about this missions trip to Africa.

Breaking Point's New Methods and Programs for 2010

Posted by Jeff | Monday, November 30, 2009

This year, as part of the regular activities of Breaking Point Foundation to help prevent substance abuse, particularly drug addiction, among high school students, our organization conducted programs in Palawan Natioal High School in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School in Makati City and Manggahan High School in Pasig City. These programs were in partnership with Manna Worldwide, Sumulong Baptist Church, Sumulong Baptist Church – Makati and other organizations in the US who share the same philosophy as our organization. The goal has always been to address the root of the problem of teenage drug abuse.

This coming year, Breaking Point Foundation hopes to expand its methods of preventing drug abuse buy providing statistics and educational materials with the help and information from We hope that this partnership will help us develop new methodologies and programs that we can offer in schools.

Part of substance abuse is alcohol abuse, drug addiction and even the abuse of unprohibited substances such as pain relievers. One example of a pain reliever that can be easily abused is Tramadol. Since a lot of people can buy tramadol cheap, it is easily accessed. Those who are experiencing lots of physical pain sometimes turn to tramadol capsules for relief. There is nothing wrong with this of course but when they try to get this drug without prescription and become very dependent on it, then that is already a manifestation abusive behavior towards this pain reliever. To know and learn more about the proper use of Tramadol you can search for tramadol medication bluebook in search engines.

Our organization hopes to help people learn about particular drugs and show statistics and real life experiences of former drug addicts to students next year. With this as part of agenda, we also hope to reach more even as we try to go to places we have never been before.

To Africa in 2010

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This week, when I went to the bank to make a deposit, I bumped into my boss. He is leaving for the US in a few weeks and has been very busy that we do not get to talk a lot. While standing in line, we were able to talk for a few moments and he mentioned about a trip to Africa next year, around May or June. I will need to raise about $2,500 for the trip and was glad to hear that a group has already committed to provide $1,000.

The trip to Kenya and Tanzania will be a Breaking Point Missions Trip and we will be working with a former colleague who is now based in Kenya. My boss mentioned about a Safari trip and I’m excited to be able to see the wild on a 4x4, or hopefully on a toyota fj cruiser. Cars like the bentley continental gt and the lexus would not be well appreciated in that kind of a trip, because of the terrain.

But, anyway, I am excited about the trip. It is a great experience but I am most excited to meet the people in Africa. I will start praying for that trip and that God would use our team to minister to the people in Kenya and Tanzania.

Buying AC Parts

Posted by Jeff | Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the recent typhoon, many car owners had their cars repaired. Some paid dearly for their car's computer box while others had to flush dirt and water form the engine. After this, they had to get the electrical system working including the air conditioning system.

For those who are looking for parts like the toyota ac compressor, there are sites online that can provide such a thing. Visit and find out how easy it is to browse for parts you need.