Tomorrow, at 9:00 AM and at 1:00 PM, our team composed of volunteers from JIVE Youth Ministry, Sold Out and from Bethel Baptist Church will be presenting the Breaking Point program to about 160 students of Pitogo High School. Each session will be composed of about 80 students from the two year levels that have classes on a different shift.

This program will finally push through after three years of rejected proposals and three postponements after it was finally approved. We request prayers for the students who will watch our program entitled "A Change of Heart" that their spiritual eyes will be opened and that the Holy Spirit of God would convict their hearts and be open to make a life changing decision for Christ.

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Today, the Breaking Point program at Pitogo High School has been finalized after meeting with the school's SSG adviser, Mr. Val Olaguer, and the principal, Dr. Nora Serdenia. The program was set for September 26, Friday and there will be two sessions - one in the morning (9am - 12pm)and one in the afternoon (1pm-4pm). The school will be sending about 80 participants per session.

With this schedule finalized we are asking the help of our volunteers from JIVE Youth, Sold Out and GIG sa Jam youth ministries.

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