We put great effort and value to preventing crimes. Many people invest in home security gadgets to protect their families from thievery and unlawful entry. In the same way, we must put so much importance to preventing substance and violence abuse among members of our family or among students in our school campuses.

Breaking Point Foundation can help in this area as it has a unique violence and substance abuse prevention program that gives a positive approach to issues like peer pressure, attitude, self esteem and responsible relationships.

To check out Breaking Point’s programs and other information, you can visit abusepreventionteam.org, it's official web site.

This week , I have received word that another missions trip to Palawan is being cooked up and a team from Manila and from different parts of the US will be coming to the trip. I am not sure where the volunteers from the US will come from, they could be Wilmington NC Real Estate dwellers and maybe even supporters of ColumbusHumaneSociety.org or maybe just from Houston, Texas.

Tentatively, Breaking Point’s second missions trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan is scheduled on the last week of July. Right now, coordination with the team that is based in Palawan is being made and training the volunteers from the US and from Palawan will be started soon.

Breaking Point Foundation, in cooperation with the leadership of Camp Kabataan and other youth organizations had another successful summer youth camp. The summer youth camp which used the theme of “Call of Duty: World at War” Ephesians 6:10-20, was held at Mt. Peniel, Capas, Tarlac. It was attended by 763 participants and counselors from different areas of Metro Manila (Novaliches, Quezon City, Pasig City, Makati City, Marikina City, Manila and Rizal.

The recent summer youth camp is the 5th summer event organized in cooperation with Camp Kabataan. In the past, Breaking Point has been involved in camps with other organizations and this year was their 9th year of organizing summer youth camps focused on teaching youth moral values, leadership and addressing important issues that the youth of today face.

Extreme Weather Conditions and HVAC

Posted by Jeff | Friday, April 24, 2009

It is a relief to have a nicer these past days. The weather from this side of the world was crazy hot in the previous weeks, the rains that came really helped a lot for us to have a kinder weather. The weather was so crazy that our huge air conditioning units at church were not able to handle the heat the previous month. We are really hoping that the weather will not go back to the same extreme.

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Summers are extra hot and winters are extreme cold. The crazy thing about is because of global warming, weather has been very unpredictable. This is where you a reputable maintaining agency to take care of your units can come in handy. You will never know how crazy weather can get. Climate control is very important especially for building. Huge ones can be a real challenge, so a reliable hvac service should only be the only option.

Resolving Minor Issues with the Youth

Posted by Jeff | Friday, April 24, 2009

We at Breaking Point consider ourselves partners of parents in introducing to their children an alternative, healthy way of living. A lifestyle that is more constructive and will not destroy them in the long haul. One of the minor things some parents bring to us about is their children not helping out at home. We appreciate these confessions because we will then know what issues should be discussed with the youth in a covert manner. Most issues like these are easily resolved.

Cleaning things up around the house should not be hard. Division of labor should always be practiced the moment the youngsters are able. House chores should not all be that hard. Sooner or later when the children got used to it, it would not feel as much of a burden to them. We should know, we have seen a handful of issues resolved in no time.

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The Youth of Today and the "Emo" Phenomenon

Posted by Jeff | Friday, April 24, 2009

There are so many issues that young people are facing today. The most persistent of which that has been going around for some time, locally, is this “emo” phenomenon. A handful of parents have come to us confessing of some weird attitudes their kids have had since they jumped into emo. It is fairly easy to spot an “emo.” Choice of fashion is mostly black, they sport bangs that almost cover the eyes and they go into their solitary place most days.

Suicide can be pointed to this “emo” phenomenon. This type of lifestyle encourages youngsters to seek into themselves, listen to “emo” songs, which translates to “sentimental.” Then they go into deep emotional state of dwelling into everything that could possibly be wrong with their lives towards depression and the most horrible thing that a parent would have to go through is when a child commits suicide.

This subject is a dynamic one and deserves another post altogether. But if you are a parent and you suspect anything at all, make sure to talk this out with your child. Report Callers if you have to. For all we know there might even be callers that your child has been entertaining that influences him or her into this kind of lifestyle. CallerWiki.net exposes who is behind calls that are unwanted or worse, annoying ones. Be vigilant, our children are under attack and we should always be in the look out.

Here are some pictures from the ongoing Call of Duty Summer Youth Camp in Mt. Peniel, Capas, Tarlac. Camp started last Tuesday and will be done by mid day, Friday. More pictures will be uploaded in the coming days. Here are some taken from the auditorium where sessions are held.

Remodeling Lives

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whenever the group Breaking Point Foundation goes to each school, we equip ourselves to be ready for whatever it is that we are purposed to do. One of the many things that we have to keep in mind that we will be dealing with various sets of kids with different sets of values picked up from their respective families. But really, we have come to share with them the good news and that is like spiritual remodeling.

When a home is set for remodeling, layout and plans are made. The dynamics of dealing with a person is far more profound than dealing with home modeling projects. But incidentally, Seattle Remodeling will give you the best quality job, if you are within Seattle. Home improvements are usually done by those who would rather spent a portion of the amount rather than buying a brand new house. Some also make use of remodeling to be able raise the value of their homes that they want to resell.

The value of the lives of those precious souls that we reach out to, are far more than any house, remodeled or not. This is why we are dedicated to follow up all those who made professions of faith and lead them to a youth ministry where their questions will be answered.

A handful of young people who came to know Christ from Breaking Point Foundation programs that were done in their school are joining this year's Call of Duty (World at War) Summer Youth Camp in Mt. Peniel, Capas, Tarlac.

We are excited that some of them are already in the leadership team of our church and share the burden of Breaking Point Foundation's cause. We will be posting pictures in the coming weeks of the camp's highlights.

Remodeled Homes

Posted by Jeff | Sunday, April 19, 2009

Most of the students we come across with during our Breaking Point Programs wish for one thing, that is having their own house in the future. This is what motivates them not to drop out. Very often a lot are even not expected to finish high school by even the teachers themselves and statistics show that a great number of students actually do drop out before they graduate.

But for those who choose to continue on, they and work towards their dream of helping their parents and later even acquire their very own place. Owning a brand new home can be a challenge these days. But for those who already have their own place, they might want to consider looking into Kansas City Remodeling.

Regardless of what kind of remodeling you would want your house to have. It could just be the kitchen or adding in a few rooms. It is important to be able to find a good contractor for this kind of project. It is a fact that all homes need repair at one point or another. Roofs have to be maintained to make sure there will be no leaks when it rains. It is also good to get a house remodeled to up its value, if ever you decide to sell it later.

Young people who are given the proper guidance can do well for their own future. Especially in making the right decisions about the college degree they should take and eventually the career path they most follow. Youth counselors and guidance counseling offices in schools are the ones responsible for giving this kind of guidance to students. But, it must be noted that they are not the ones primarily responsible for this.

Parents are the ones who are primarily responsible for guiding their child who is graduating in high school. I know of a student who was given this proper guidance and made the decision to take up Mechanical Engineering. He pursued a career like the one in Dallas HVAC-Air-Conditioning and made it good. He was involved in the local market but was able to save up to invest in his own house and car.

Since the parents supposedly know their child more than their teachers and guidance counselors, they should be the ones motivating their child into making the right decision. Plus, the motivation that parents can give is incomparable to what other people (teachers, guidance counselors and friends) can provide.

Breaking Point’s parent-teen communication workshops can help in bridging gaps between a parent and their teen-age son or daughter. Visit www.abusepreventionteam.org for more information about this program.

Positive Approach to Prevention

Posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking Point Foundation is committed to addressing the four major issues that youth face. These are peer pressure, attitude, self-esteem and relationships/ sex. Our organization approaches these topics in a positive way. Take for example the topic of relationships.

Breaking Point Foundation has a program entitled “Next Time I Fall In Love” which deals about responsible relationships. Using skits, stories, and letters from young people, the concept of the emotional protection of one's self and others is presented. The alternative of sexual abstinence as an adolescent is presented. The classroom interaction workshops involve interaction with students that reviews the presentation, presents the need for proper emotional growth and commitment in order to have happy and healthy relationships.

Although Breaking Point’s programs are all preventive, we also provide assistance to those who have been victims and help in enforcing the law. We know of a link that can help parents Track Sex Offenders. The url is TrackSexOffenders.net. It is a web site that can help prevent abuse by aiding in identifying sex offenders and where they are located.

Breaking Point believes in rehabilitation of past offenders but also places importance in the prevention of abuse cases so our organization does not advocate condemnation and judgmental treatment to past offenders.

Dreaming of a New Home?

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting a new house is something that is very exciting. Many students dream of eventually owning their own house. I have even met some who have detailed dreams about the house that they want to own. Some, who take up degree programs related to construction, even dream of designing their own house.

But we must realize that sometimes funds are not that available for a person to buy a brand new home. There are times when one has to accept that purchasing a pre-owned house is an option. It doesn’t mean that the dream of getting a brand new home isn’t possible anymore. The house bought can still look good as new.
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This Monday, the advanced team for the summer youth camp entitled “Call of Duty: World at War” (Ephesians 6:1-20) will be making its way to Mt. Peniel Camp Site in Capas, Tarlac. The team, which is composed of members of different committees (music committee, registration committee, dorms, committee, program committee, sports committee, multimedia committee, food committee, backdrop and design committee) of about 50 will be travelling with equipment.

If they were traveling in Dallas, Texas, they would have acquired the services of Dallas Movers but since this is the Philippines, they would have to make do with what’s available. It is a good thing that since the group has been doing this for many years now and have conducted camp at Mt. Peniel for the past three years, they have seen which equipment took up most of the space in the trucks they use.

This year, the backdrop and design committee has made adjustments to the materials they use for the back drop and will significantly make available a lot of space in our transportation. They will be using the same vehicles used the past years , thanks to their owners who are generous enough to lend their vehicles for the organization’s use.

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Since Breaking Point Foundation’s establishment here in the Philippines in 2001, with the blessings of The Breaking Point Foundation in the US, it has gone to hundreds of high schools all over the country to present its unique drug prevention program.

Although officially, Breaking Point Foundation Philippines has not officially registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission but operates under the organization of Sumulong Baptist Church’s ministry, it is the intention of Breaking Point to operate independently.

Its director, Jeffrey Aspacio, has been planning about establishing it independently and raising funds for it locally and abroad. In fact, he plans on seeking help from his in-laws in Houston, Texas and friends in California for this endeavor. He might have to get the help of Houston Movers if he would be spending quite some time in the Houston, Texas. Like my in-laws in Texas, when they purchased their homes in Houston, they needed services of a moving company in Houston. This company, HoustonTXMover.org, should have been the one they contacted. They are so unbiased in the service they offer that they even offer tips on how to choose and investigate on a moving company. Their service, as their website says is unrivaled and they have provided quality service to thousands of customers in Texas.

But, going back to Breaking Point, the goal is to be able to have enough funds for the organization so the financial requirements for starting an NGO in the Philippines will be met. This will then move the organization towards its goal to become independent. Independence, on the other hand, does not mean that it will also cease working with the organizations it works with currently. It just intends to keep the integrity of Breaking Point as a substance and drug abuse prevention organization.

Today, there were developments in our outreach efforts through Breaking Point as five out of the nine high schools in Makati responded positively to out invitation for our 2009 summer youth camp entitled "Call of Duty: World at War" (Ephesians 6:1-20).

A few months ago, Breaking Point director, Jeffrey Aspacio, was able to join a meeting of the Federation of Supreme Student Governments of Makati City (FESSGOM) which is composed of Supreme Student Government (SSG) advisers of the nine high schools in Makati, namely, Bangkal High School, Benigno Aquino National High School, Fort Bonifacio High School, Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School, Makati High School, Makati Science High School, Pitogo High School, San Antonio High School and San Isidro High School.

Through Breaking Point's coordination with JIVE Youth Ministry, five high schools expressed interest in sending their incoming SSG officers to our summer youth camp on April 21-24, 2009. Makati Science High School was the only one who has confirmed that they can't send delegates as the camp schedule was in conflict with their UPCAT review schedule.

Reaching the Anime Generation

Posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 09, 2009

Anime, the Japanese word for animation or more popularly known around the world as Japanese animation is extremely well known not only in Japan but in the rest of the world. This has grown in popularity among high school students that small youth communities, cliques and peers are among youth interested anime.

Last year, in our summer youth camp, we incorporated the use of manga or Japanese comics from Bible characters in the manga Bible. Yes, there is a manga Bible. It is an illustrated Bible using the genre of the manga.

The use of this genre certainly reaches a particular group of young people and they are the ones who are appreciative and have the liking for anime and manga. There is even an online community for anime lovers. AnimeChatCity.com is that site and they have a service like an Anime Chat Room where different anime fans can register and create an account and chat with other people who share the same interest with them.

Many young people enjoy this kind of communities as they can meet new friends from different parts of the world, yet share things that are common to them. Utilizing this genre in youth ministries is a great strategy to capture the attention of anime fans.

It's another season for vacation for many high school students and Breaking Point Foundation is cooking up another summer youth camp, in cooperation with Camp Kabataan. The theme for this year's summer youth camp is "Call of Duty: World at War" (Ephesians 6: 1-20) and it will be held on April 21-24, 2009 at Mt. Peniel Camp Site, Capas, Tarlac.

Camp fee is again subsidized by local and international supporters so the cost is down to P400 from P1,550 and is inclusive of air conditioned bus transportation to and from the camp site, three-days and three-night food and accommodations and training materials.