Problems that we face can be viewed either positively or negatively. Other see fights between a husband a wife as a problem but it can also be viewed like a house alarm which helps identify a deeper problem that needs resolution.

Many young people are deeply affected by the relationship of their parents and it is actually the parents responsibility to talk to their children, especially the teenagers about what’s going on without necessarily including details. The teens should be oriented that fights are normal and serve as part of a home alarm system that warns them of something that needs to be dealt with.

Resolution is always hoped for, of course, but even when there is no resolution to the issue, what needs to be remembered is that the relationship is more important than the resolution. Sometimes we must agree to disagree on some matters, especially trivial stuff. Having some consideration on these things can help couples do away with petty quarrels which, a lot of times, can be viewed by teenagers as immaturity on the part of their parents.

Having this kind of view on conflicts can change the way we approach them but also our perspective into a better one.

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Posted by Jeff | Thursday, August 06, 2009

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