List of Schools That Breaking Point Has Visited: Part 2

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here is the second part of the list of high schools that Breaking Point Foundation has visited from 2003 to 2005

2005 Don Quintin Paredes High School, Bagong Silang High School, San Francisco High School, Batasan Hills National High School, Novaliches High School.

January 2004Fort Bonifacio High School, Mayamot National High School, Novaliches High School, Sumulong Memorial High School

2003, 2002 and 2001 (NCR, Rizal) Southridge Private High School, Lorenzo Ruiz High School, Morning Dew Montessori, Bantay Bata 163, Q.C.; Miriam College (High School); Santolan High School; Roosevelt College San Mateo; Roosevelt College Marikina

Alternative Teaching Tools For High School Students

Posted by Jeff | Friday, November 21, 2008

Teaching high school students probably is one of the most difficult and challenging responsibilities. As our group travel to different high schools and present our program to them, we experience a brief moment of that challenge when our volunteers talk to students, and sometimes in our country, reaching up to 60 to 70 in a classroom.

As I browse through the internet, I cam across this online education site called Brightstorm. They have educational video products that is fun to watch and listen to. The teachers in their videos are veteran and well experienced high school teachers and are very competent, making their educational video professional but very fun at the same time. The illustrations they use are very simple and effective, but I particularly am impressed by the flexibility and effectiveness that an on site take or shot, for the history courses which I got to view (Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt), can provide. It is like bringing the students to a field trip and making education not limited within the classroom.

I think this method is a very effective way and I would highly consider it for parents who can afford the cost which is actually not much compared to the value of the education that can be given to their teenager. Remember, education does not cost- it pays.


Here is the a partial list of schools that Breaking Point Foundation has been to. Most schools from 1999 to 2001 were with international and local volunteers mixed together but the international volunteers did most of the large group presentations.

January 2001(Baguio) Baguio City National High School; Pines City National High School (Main and Bonifacio, Doña Aurora Magsaysay, Roxas, Sto. Thomas, Quezon Hill, Pacday, Pinsao Annex); Irisan National High School; Brent; University of Baguio High School; Baguio Colleges Foundation High School

January 2000 (Marikina, Pasig, Cainta) Rizal High School Main; Antipolo National High School; Marikina High School (Main, Sta. Elena); Roosevelt College Cainta; Parang High School

January 1999 (Rizal, Marikina) Rizal State College; Marikina Institute of Science and Technology; Sumulong Memorial High School; Roosevelt College Marikina; Antipolo National High School

Looking for Auto Body Shops?

Posted by Jeff | Friday, November 21, 2008

A web site that calls itself auto body shops city of industry is This web site provides services for vehicle owners and the services they offer are auto body repair and point to auto body shops in the area of your selection. They are composed of teams of collision repair experts who pair consumers with local auto body shops. Visit their site now.

Breaking Point is gearing up for another summer activity as plans for another summer youth camp ,in cooperation with youth ministries from different parts of the Metro Manila, are being drawn up. The youth ministries who will be involved are JIVE Youth Ministry of Makati City, Sold Out Ministries from Masinag, Antipolo and Santolan Pasig, youth ministry of Bethel BC and FTBC.

The theme for the 2009 summer camp is Counter Strike and the tentative dates are April 14-17 and 21-24. More information to come soon.

Alex and Nat's Operation Mojo

Posted by Jeff | Thursday, November 20, 2008

To all families out there, have you heard of Nat and Alex? Well, this Saturday, November 22, you can chat live with these two boys from the Naked Brother Band. Yes, you can chat with Nat and Alex Wolff. This part of their new premiere entitled “Operation Mojo.”

What does that mean exactly? Well, Nat has lost his Mojo and the Band is going into some Dudification of sorts. Having said this, did you know that there are three things that you can do to help Nat get his mojo back? First, you can help by watching and sharing Nat’s YouTube videos to at least five friends. The second thing you could do to help is subscribe to their YouTube channel. And the third way is by making it your homepage. Pretty easy, right?

This event is surely going to be exciting for kids who regularly tune in to them and even for those who haven’t seen them yet. Nat and Alex Wolff’s site is where kids get to have clean fun and get to enjoy video and audio entertainment, interactive games and activities and even chatting sessions with other kids online. For many parents, this is a great relief to know that all of these are done within a safe environment and are closely monitored by adults. This web site of Nat and Alex does not just put a smile on the kids’ faces but on their parents as well.



Breaking Point Foundation (Phils.), Inc., an affiliate of The Breaking Point Foundation in Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A., is a locally based NGO that addresses the problem of drug abuse among young people. It has teams of Crisis Intervention and Prevention Specialists and Presenters who are “meeting people at their breaking points” through unique presentations. Using athletic skill, humor, drama and audience participation, Breaking Point’s team members provide large group presentations followed by small group interaction as well as a variety of workshop programs. Breaking Point’s programs are designed to prevent suicide and substance abuse.

This group travels all over the Philippines each year presenting their programs to high school students. Mr. Jeffrey Aspacio, the director of Breaking Point Philippines, leads them. Civic-minded persons and organizations support the group and they offer their program free of charge.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, students, housewives, engineers, architects, and people from all walks of life are trained and join this group and stand in front of the youth of our area to discourage the youth from getting lost in the drug culture.

Our Philosophy

We believe that to effectively prevent violence and substance abuse among youth we have to address the root of the problem - the problem of the heart of man. Breaking Point is committed to making the youth understand this root cause and teaching them how to have a “change of heart”. This, we believe, is the most effective way of prevention. That even if unlawful substances are very much available around youth, once they’ve experienced this “change of heart”, they will have the power to say no to these negative influences.

Assess and Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 09, 2008

How is a person’s success determined? Emotional Intelligence and how a person deals with other people are the biggest factors in determining a person’s success in life and being able to assess and develop it is crucial. A great tool for assessment and development of a person’s emotional intelligence is the 360 defree feedback system. Visit their site to find out more about their services.

Press Release:

The rules for work are changing. People are being judged differently: not just by how intelligent they are or by their training and expertise, but also by how well they handle themselves and each other.

The new rules predict who is most likely to become a star performer in their field of work and are crucial to their marketability for future jobs.

These rules have little to do with what we were told was important in school: academic abilities are largely irrelevant to this new standard. The new measure: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) takes for granted having enough intellectual ability to do our jobs. Emotional Intelligence focuses instead on personal qualities or emotional competencies based on

Self Awareness - Managing Emotions - Self Motivation - Managing Relationships - Emotion Coaching.
One of the most effective ways to develop Emotional Intelligence is to use the Appraisal360 Emotional Intelligence tool monitor real life behaviour. Appraisal360 specialise in providing online 360 degree feedback (multi-rater feedback) tools to support companies with the development of their staff.

Appraisal360 Emotional Intelligence uses a structured competency based questionnaire focussed around the definitions of Emotional Intelligence. Firstly, the user fills in the questionnaire with their self -perceptions. Then six people who know that person, boss, colleagues etc, are asked to fill in the same questionnaire with their perceptions of that person. The system compiles an easy to understand report which highlights strengths and weaknesses and areas where the user's self perception differs from other people's perception of them. It also comes with a set of learning materials to help turn the report into action. A matching support and mentoring service is also available. By using this tool you can help your staff develop their Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Breaking Point Foundation Philippines is in the process of planning another missions trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and the target dates are any two days between January 12 to 16, 2009. Volunteers will be raising their own support and we hope that on our return there, we would be able to present the Breaking Point program to a bigger number of students. Coordination with our Palawan partners are on going.

Finding Information About an Unknown Number?

Posted by Jeff | Monday, November 03, 2008 is a web site that breaks down area codes National Phone Numbers and makes them available by state, county and city. They also provide Reverse Phone Number Lookup services, that if you have ever received a call from an unfamiliar number, you can now find information on that phone number. Visit this web site now.

Below are three articles or blog entries about the Stages of the Counselling Process found in Breaking Point Foundation's official web site:

1) Four Stages in the Counseling Process by Girard Egan

2) Six Stages of the Counseling Process by Lawrence Brammer

3) A Biblical Counseling Process

If you are researching about the stages of the counselling process you can try any of these articles.

Have You Heard?

Posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 02, 2008

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Do You Back Up? Take This Survey...

Posted by Jeff | Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tomorrow, at 9:00 AM and at 1:00 PM, our team composed of volunteers from JIVE Youth Ministry, Sold Out and from Bethel Baptist Church will be presenting the Breaking Point program to about 160 students of Pitogo High School. Each session will be composed of about 80 students from the two year levels that have classes on a different shift.

This program will finally push through after three years of rejected proposals and three postponements after it was finally approved. We request prayers for the students who will watch our program entitled "A Change of Heart" that their spiritual eyes will be opened and that the Holy Spirit of God would convict their hearts and be open to make a life changing decision for Christ.

Want A Chef's Career?

Posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you considering a career in cooking? Are you looking around for the culinary school that best fits you? A web site that can help you find culinary schools is It has a list of schools with their specializations and descriptions and you can search them by theme, by careers, by city and many other fields. So, to find the chef school that’s best for you, visit this site now.

Thinking About Joining the Navy?

Posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 18, 2008

Have you ever thought about experiencing navy life? Maybe you are interested in joining the nave but are afraid because you have no idea about how you can join it? can provide you answers and information to help you prepare for your military career in the navy. In their web site are articles after articles about everything in that has to do with the navy.

They have articles about the bonuses, pay and benefits of joining the navy, the restrictions of being enlisted in the navy, a checklist for high school students who are thinking about joining the navy, tips about what the navy recruiters secrets, a comparison of regular family life and military life, and many others. Their articles do not only provide information for individuals interested in joining the nave but for their family as well.

Through this site, you can also get a guide to the Navy Ebook which has tons of information, secrets, tips and everything about the navy life. It offers an in-depth look at the kind of information that navy recruiters usually don’t let you know about. Sometimes, they even tell ‘white lies’ about those info.

So why don’t you visit this site and get your Navy Ebook now to save you the hassle of getting the wrong information as you plan your military career.

Today, the Breaking Point program at Pitogo High School has been finalized after meeting with the school's SSG adviser, Mr. Val Olaguer, and the principal, Dr. Nora Serdenia. The program was set for September 26, Friday and there will be two sessions - one in the morning (9am - 12pm)and one in the afternoon (1pm-4pm). The school will be sending about 80 participants per session.

With this schedule finalized we are asking the help of our volunteers from JIVE Youth, Sold Out and GIG sa Jam youth ministries.

For DWI Cases

Posted by Jeff | Monday, September 15, 2008

This website is committed to standing up for what is right. One of the sites we recommend is This web site pints to the contact information and other important details about the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy, a dallas dwi lawyer serving the area of Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and McKinney, Texas. This dallas dwi firm has handled over 4,000 cases fro over 18 years of combined experience in dwi dallas cases.

The site above can be contacted through (972) 445-4300 AND (888) 283-9394 (TOLL FREE). Looking at this web site’s credentials I would say they are very impressive, and they are dedicated to DWI defense.

Not that Breaking Point promotes the direct and indirect effects of alcohol – we are actually against it but there is a balance also to the justice that needs to be served for those accused of DWI. So visit the site above for assistance in this area.

A Reliable Source of Web Reviews

Posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 30, 2008

A great resource of information is This is the lace where people get to review websites and let others know if they measure up or don’t. Who to recommend the site to, etc. It is a place where one can also check the statistics of a site. A reliable source of Web Site Reviews, to say the least.

Good News From Palawan

Posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recently, I received an email from Pastor Dave Quiocson, our partner in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and he said that they have begun a Student's Worship service at their church. We were so excited to hear about that news and even more excited because plans for returning on January of 2009 are right now being drawn up. We are looking forward to returning to the beautiful place of Puerto Princesa, Palawan and reaching out to more students with Pastor Dave and his church.

Seek And You Shall Find

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A domain that can help anyone with People Search is Anyone can search just by typing in the name in the given field found in their site and information like address, phone number, public records and others can be accessed. This is a very easy way of locating people and this site has a great system.

Below are photos taken during the second day at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We went to two colleges namely, WPU and PPSAT.

Alex Litonjua Jr. about to attempt a board break in front of the WPU crowd

The Redeemer drama being presented at WPU

Students of PPSAT getting ready for the Breaking Point program

International and local Breaking Point volunteers facilitating a workshop after the large group presentation

R&R in a beach with the whole Breaking Point Palawan missions team

Inexpensive Retail Therapy

Posted by Jeff | Friday, August 22, 2008

Addictions come in various forms. There are people who get hooked on drugs, others on alcohol. Other people get addicted to pornography. Still there are others who get addicted to things that don’t seem to be harmful, like eating, video games and even shopping.

It is actually not surprising how people go for what is known as “retail therapy” with every productive intention in mind and end up getting addicted. Some would even find themselves later having that compulsion to buy things that they don’t have a need for to begin with. That can be harmful to that person’s pocket.

But does shopping always have to hurt one’s pocket or credit? Well, if it is unplanned, it will. But if it is planned and if trends regarding seasonal sales are studied, one can save a lot of money with planned spending.

A tip is shopping during Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. You can actually suggest this to your friends for black friday 2008, which is November 28. You can also visit and purchase Black Friday items online. This web site offers email alerts on new Black Friday ads posted.

I am actually thinking of suggesting this to my in-laws who are in Texas. As my wife is looking to buy an iPhone, she can probably do this through the site’s connection to Apple Store.

So if you are planning your spending this year, shop during Black Friday and do it online.

Below are additional pictures taken during the Breaking Point Missions Trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. You can read the report about the missions trip at Breaking Point Foundation's Official Website.

Palawan and Houston team members practice the classroom workshop and testimonies

Volunteer from team Manila working with team Houston members on their testimonies

A couple from team Houston with team Palawan volunteers

Two ladies from team Houston practicing with team Manila volunteer

Students from Sicsican National High School

Students from Palawan National High School and some of our volunteers with Houston team leader Sandy Baird (left most)

Stanley Fontenot opening the program at Palawan National High School with some music from his bagpipe

Breaking Point Philippines director, Jeff Aspacio with the rest of the martial arts team (from left: Alex Litonjua Jr., Ted Amper, Alvin Litonjua and Erwin Ibana)

Alex Litonjua Jr. attempting a board break

From right: Jeff Aspacio, Lance Gotcher, PNS Principal - Mrs. Moises and a colleague

The Right Source of Power

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It is common for people to look good on the outside but inside feel so rotten. It is like a wooden house that looks new but really has a problem within its walls that it needs termite control services. Many youth who struggle with hidden addictions try to mask their problems with the image of being under control but if they are honest, they really feel that everything is beyond their control.

As we usually illustrate in our programs, in breaking through a problem, one needs the right support of friends and family but more than that, one needs the right source of power inside and that reliable power is none other than Christ. He can turn our impossibilities to possibilities and guide those who are confused. If you’ve tried other things and haven’t tried Jesus, why don’t you try Him this time?

Praise God!

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We praise God for the commitment to have an inner change made by 528 students from the four schools we went to in Palawan. We were able to share how to have inner change to 1,309 students from Sicsican National High School, PNS, Western Philippines University and PPSAT. We hope that our partner in Palawan will be able to follow up these students who made their decision.

Adjusting to College Students

Posted by Jeff | Friday, August 01, 2008

In our trip to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan on August 10-13, we will be presenting programs to both the high school level and college students. This will be our second time, after seven years, to present our program to college students. I remember presenting our program in 2001 to students from Rizal State University with Governor Ynares as the guest.

College students respond differently than high school students for many reasons. One is that they are more mature and think more critically. Even the subjects and the responsibilities they have in school are more challenging. It is so challenging that web sites like are present because they have a market among these more mature students. Web sites like this offer thesis writing services, assistance with making a dissertation. They even provide the option for students to buy essay that is already written out for them – and college students do bite into this, a proof of how seriously more mature students take their requirements seriously.

It is a good thing that sites like offer services that guarantee the satisfaction of their student clients and they give the student full control over their requirements. At least college students feel that they are taken seriously, too.

We hope that when we present to the two colleges lined up in our schedule on the 11th and 12th of August, our Breaking Point program team would be able to adjust well.

In our high school program entitled "A Change of Heart", the standard equipment we bring are:

1) Three plastic heavy duty travel containers for golf clubs. Each container contains a frame, a black backdrop cloth, a set of screws, clips and clamps for the backdrop which doubles as a cover for the back stage.

2) Three heavy duty plastic containers. Each container has a designated content. The first container contains all the martial arts uniforms (five our sets), wooden boards, and program guides. The second container has all the live cartoon (Captain Plus) costumes, costumes for the two dramas (King of Hearts and the Redeemer). In the third container are all the comment cards, flyers and Oreo cookies which we all use during the classroom workshops.

3) Public address system. We use two speakers, two speaker stands, two speaker and two microphone cables, an amplifier and a mixer.

With all these equipment, I have been thinking about getting a used car loan to get a vehicle to transport all these equipment. But hopefully, when we become established, we wouldn’t have to do that. We hope that there will be donors who will contribute to eventually enable us to purchase our own truck or van to transport Breaking Point Foundation Philippines’ program equipment.

Dependents and Co-dependents

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Those suffering from drug dependence sometimes use their own money, but when they run out, resort to getting an easy cash advance at the beginning of their addiction. Others who feel that they can still manage their addiction, especially those with regular income, resort to payday loans and try to hide the transactions so their loved ones won’t be able to trace their deals. Some sell items at home and also stuff around their house that are not necessarily theirs, just so they could support their habit. Either they get into too much debt or start to steal from others.

Those in the family or those around can sometimes become co-dependents, too. They don’t necessarily have to or usually approve of the habit, but many times they don’t do anything significant enough to effect change. They may feel that the addiction is still manageable and try to take steps to manage their problem.

But the best way to deal with addiction at home is to seek help. Admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery. There are churches, professionals and support groups that these drug dependents and co-dependents can contact to assist them in their time of crisis. All they need to do first is ask help.

Steps To Recovery: Step 3 to the Last Step

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Step 4: Make amends for the errors, sins, wrong choices you have made.

After you have identified the wrongs you’ve done, make them right. You may have to do this to particular persons, like your family, friends and loved ones, or to a group of people, a company or institution. If you’ve made bad on your credit, refinance mortgage or slowly pay off those debts. If there it is something that you can’t change, then ask forgiveness and try to find ways to make it right – ask the person or group concerned what action steps you can take to make things right.

Step 5: Learn to live your new life with a new code of behavior – the Bible.

Attend church regularly and listen to the word of God. Read the Bible for yourself. Study God’s word. Memorize scripture verses. Psalm 119:9 says, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to Your word.” Verse 11 of the same chapter says, ”I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” Someone once said, “either the Bible will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the Bible.”

Step 6: Help others who are addicted to the same addiction you had recover.

Reach out to others who share the same struggles that you had. It wasn’t an accident that you recovered from your addiction. God will use you to touch the lives of others and change this society for the better. Get involved.

Steps To Recovery: Step 1 to 3

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Step 1: I must admit that I am powerless over the addiction.

Whether its substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) or other forms of abuse or addiction (addictive use of credit cards, evil pleasure, etc.) the first step is admitting that what you have is a problem and has become unmanageable. Many times, those needing recovery deny that there is a problem. While those who admit that there is a problem, think that they can still manage the problem. People who get to this first step often have to go through the painful process of getting broken by the consequences of their choices. Whatever leads to this step, this is very important in starting the recovery process.

Step 2: Recognize that there is a greater power (God) that can restore you or your situation and commit yourself to Him.

The Bible says in Philippians 4:13 that we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens” us. We are powerless over addiction or any sin. It is only through Christ that we become victorious over sin, and not even because of anything we do but because of what He did on the cross. Confess your being powerless over sin and ask Him to forgive you.

Step 3: Make a moral inventory of yourself and examine past errors with the help of a more mature accountability partner.

This is the act of confessing to another person who is more mature and trustworthy, after having made the confession to God. The best accountability partner is someone who has “been there, done that” so you can be better understood and can relate well to each other.

Get Off Debt!

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Bible does not say that money is the root of all evil. It says in 1 Timothy 6:10 that “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. If you are not able to control money, it will control you. It is a necessity but once left unmanaged, it can be abused. It can be abused to the point that it could be addictive, which is called materialism. Sometimes, even without money, once you become too materialistic, you may get into the habit of borrowing and become buried in debt.

If you are needing debt help, here are some tips and a resource to help you out. First, let me suggest to list down the expenses you incur. Make it a habit to keep the receipts of everything you buy and list them down. Make a financial journal. Next, you must plan what you spend. This is simply telling your money where it should go. Make a budget. If you plan to consolidate your debts and pay them all off, include the payments in your budget. After doing that, you must start saving. Let me suggest living on 80% of your income. Save 10%. The other 10%? Give it back to God. Be generous. Then live on what is left.

Insurance: A Way To Save

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, July 16, 2008

(This post is a continuation of the previous posts based on the topic “How to Avoid Financial Tension” from Breaking Point Foundation Philippines parenting seminar.)

I have mentioned in the previous posts that the best way to avoid financial tension is through saving money. One way to save money is by employing the services of a company or an individual to force one to save. An example shown was employing the service of a car insurance company to help save for major car repairs such as accidents and such.

An insurance is one of the best ways to force one to save for financial emergencies. There are many types of insurance that anyone can avail. There is life insurance, auto or vehicle insurance, home insurance, health insurance and many others. Getting one or several of these in one’s budget can be a benefit in the long run. And there are many companies that offer these forms of investment. It is important that one choose an established insurance company to avail of an insurance. is one source of insurance online. In this web site, one can compare multiple quotes from top insurance agencies and the quotes are absolutely free with no obligation to buy. Visit this site for a free quote now.

Enslaved By Debt?

Posted by Jeff | Monday, July 14, 2008

(This post is based on the Parenting Seminar we conduct for parents in the high schools we have been to. The topic is entitled “Avoiding Financial Tension”)

I have mentioned in the previous posts that saving money is the best way to prepare for financial emergencies. And since saving can be really difficult, it helps when we employ services of companies and individuals to help us into the habit of saving regularly.

However, most people do not practice this habit. They naturally choose getting a credit card, quick payday loans and such. Not that this is totally wrong, but getting into the habit of borrowing, taking on more loans than you are able to handle not being able to manage making regular payments sometimes becomes pattern for many people who get into loans. This pattern or habit can enslave anyone who is not careful with the way he or she handles finances. There are people who borrow to pay off existing debts. Again, this isn’t totally wrong, especially when the plan is to end the borrowing cycle. But one’s resolve to do so must be very strong or again, being accountable to someone or a group of individuals can help one overcome the borrowing habit.

Employ Services To Help You Save

Posted by Jeff | Monday, July 14, 2008

(This is a follow up on my previous post about saving money)

As previously posted, saving money is the best way to face financial emergencies. However, a lot of time, saving money can be difficult. It takes a lot of discipline to do so. You can start out by writing down expenses and making a budget. Then, you can include the amount of money you will save into your weekly or monthly budget. And again, this takes discipline.

One way to help ourselves save is by employing services of companies individuals to force us to save. For example, saving for major car repairs (like whole body repairs an area is scratched of when it is partially wrecked because of a non-fatal accident) can be done by contacting a car insurance company and getting a quote on your car insurance. Companies like this can provide different payment methods (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) and choosing the payment scheme that you can include in your budget will help you to make forced-savings.

An online source for car insurance quotes is They can provide free quotes for any vehicle, anywhere and can give you a variety of policies so you can choose one that best fits your lifestyle.

Saving Is Still the Best

Posted by Jeff | Monday, July 14, 2008

Financial emergencies can happen anytime. And even with a stable job or a steady and regular income, experiencing financial strain is inevitable. That is why it is very important to be ready for these. The best way to prepare is by saving up some money, a better alternative even to the best payday loan available.

In the Philippines, this habit is seldom practiced. In many of the seminars on avoiding financial tension we have conducted among parents of high school students, it is normal to see only less than five hands go up in a crowd of about sixty parents when we ask how many of them save. Many of them are surprised and amazed to find out how beneficial it is to save when we start to show basic computations of how much they can save when they do consistently it on a weekly basis. A lot of them find it difficult to save because of the so many needs to be met in their families. But many of them admit that they just did not get used to doing it and have considered doing so through the seminar we conducted. Saving money really is the best answer to financial emergencies.

At the beginning of this week, our senior pastor forwarded this document to me. It is our tentative schedule for the missions trip to Palawan which includes the schools we and the church we will be working with. We still do intend to reduce the number of programs from eight to four because doing the former in two days is too hectic and, if the population of the schools are too large, that would be impossible to do.

Stylish and Cheap

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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A total of 1,860 high school students from Santolan High School watched our program

Our guest performer was Brent Longenecker and his wife Amanda

Brent is a professional acrobat and he shared his skills to model discipline to students

We had volunteers from SBC (Sold Out), SBC Makati (JIVE Youth) and FTBC (GIG sa Jam)

A total of 431 students wrote in their comment cards that they prayed to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior

Santolan and Gen. Pio del Pilar HS Programs for 2008

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Schedules for another Breaking Point program at Santolan High School and Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School have been finalized. Program schedules are June 16, Monday, 7:00AM and 1:30PM at Santolan, Pasig and June 20, Friday, 7:00AM and 5:00PM at Makati. Please call Pastor Jeff Aspacio if you have attended the training and will be volunteering again for these programs.

Planning for Palawan

Posted by Jeff | Sunday, June 01, 2008

Planning for the Breaking Point programs to be held this August in Palawan have started. Last week our senior pastor gave the go signal to start getting the estimate number of people needed to be able to do programs in high schools in Palawan. We will be contacting the necessary manpower for this missions trip in partnership with a group from the United States and local churches near the high schools. We will be needing a team for the martial arts sequences, a team for the dramas and team leaders for the classroom workshops. Hopefully, we will be involving youth ministries from Antipolo City, Novaliches and Makati City.

Breaking Point Pre-enrollment Seminar

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Posted by Jeff | Saturday, May 17, 2008

During a meeting today with the Supreme Student Government adviser of Gen. Pio del Pilar National H.S., schedules for peer counseling simultaneous with parents' seminar were finalized and are set on May 19 for the incoming second year students, May 22 for the incoming third year students, May 26 for the incoming fourth year students and May 30 for the transferees. The goal of these activities is to assist the students, in partnership and with the involvement of their parents, who have had failing grades, have been absentees, late comers, etc. as they learn to cope with the coming school year. We hope to be able to provide guidance to the students and parents on these said dates so that problems, usually rooted in the family, in the student's academic and behavioral performance will be minimized.

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Posted by Jeff | Thursday, May 01, 2008

A World Wide Beauty Contest

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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An In Demand Career

Posted by Jeff | Monday, April 28, 2008

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Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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This morning our senior pastor informed me of future missions trips with Breaking Point Foundation's participation. We'll be scheduling 3 programs at high schools, most probably at Manggahan High School, Santolan High School and at General Pio del Pilar National High School, for the first three weeks of June right when school starts out. The other missions trip, which is still tentative will be on August and it will be at Palawan with a team from Pastor Sandy Baird's church and a team from local churches here in the Philippines. I look forward to these outreach events.

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Thank you, My Jennie for this tag. :)

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I'm tagging Lhan, Rachel S, Ging, Vanezah and ChaLyza.

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Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Camp 2008 Promotional Video: Heroes

Posted by Jeff | Monday, February 25, 2008

Heroes: Ordinary People with an Extraordinary Calling. This is the theme for the summer youth camp that will be held on April 15-18 and 22-25 at Mt. Peniel Campsite Capas, Tarlac. Youth from areas in Metro Manila will meet and learn about self leadership, moral values and Biblical character building. For interested participants from Makati City area you can visit JIVE Youth Center at 3/F Kalayaan Talipapa Bldg. 9642 Kalayaan Ave. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. Their youth service is every Sunday at 2:30PM. You can also text Kuya Jeff at 0916-3786271.

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The Breaking Point Foundation was originally from Springfield, Missouri and founded by the late Steve Thompson, a missions pastor of Highstreet Baptist Church who had a black belt in taekwondo. He used his skill and trainings received to develop an abuse prevention program that utilized humor and skill, presented this program to high schools in the United Sates and founded the organization. Eventually, their programs were presented to other countries also.

In 1998, talks between Eddie Lyons, pastor of Sumulong Baptist Church then, and Steve began about bringing Breaking Point's program to the Philippines. By January of 1999 a group of Americans (including Lance Gotcher, current pastor of Sumulong Baptist Church), headed by Steve Thompson, came over to the Philippines and conducted programs at different high schools in Pasig City, Marikina City and Antipolo City. A few months prior to the trip, training sessions were held for Filipino volunteers (including the current Philippines director of Breaking Point Foundation, Jeffrey Aspacio) through training videos.

The following year, another group of volunteers from the U.S. came to the Philippines and prior to that year 2000 trip, local volunteers were again trained but this time the local volunteers from the previous trip helped in the training.

By October 2000, talks about starting a Philippines office for Breaking Point Foundation and trainings were conducted by Jeff Aspacio at Baguio City for the 2001 wave of programs.

On January 2001, after the week long programs at Baguio City, Steve Thompson officially appointed Jeff Aspacio as director of Breaking Point Foundation Philippines through the ministry of Sumulong Baptist Church.

Since then, Breaking Point Foundation Philippines has conducted programs around Metro Manila and has coordinated mission trips for international volunteers who desire to prevent substance abuse by helping students know how to have a change of heart through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For parties who are interested in partnering with Breaking Point Foundation in their area, you can contact Jeff Aspacio through and you can visit their Breaking Point's Official Site for more information.

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Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On April 15-18 and 22-25, Breaking Point Foundation partners with Camp Kabataan in conducting 2 weeks of summer youth camps. Their goal is to gather 600-800 high school and college students from different schools in Metro Manila. Other participating organizations are Sold Out Live, JIVE Youth and GIG sa Jam.

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Posted by Jeff | Friday, February 08, 2008

This logo is what Breaking Point Foundation uses on the name tags given to volunteers who have undergone training (abuse prevention presenters). It has the standard logo, which is the navigational compass and the text, except that the colors red and blue were added.

Breaking Point Foundation's Logo

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Breaking Point Abuse Prevention Team logo contains a navigational compass. This compass symbolizes Breaking Point's statement of purpose: "meeting people at their breaking points..." and providing a 'point of reckoning' or direction, that can help prevent all forms of abuse.

Advertising on Breaking Point Foundation's Blog

Posted by Jeff | Friday, January 25, 2008

You can advertise on our site semi-annually (6 months) for only $0.05 per day. Yes, only $9 for 6 months and the hassle of maintaining your ads regularly is lessened. We accept Paypal payments only and you can contact us through Please send us an e-mail containing your 125×125 pixels image for your ad and your link if you are interested and we’ll contact you immediately about payment details. We also accept link ads for $5 a month. Thank you.

Disclosure Policy

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