Since Breaking Point Foundation’s establishment here in the Philippines in 2001, with the blessings of The Breaking Point Foundation in the US, it has gone to hundreds of high schools all over the country to present its unique drug prevention program.

Although officially, Breaking Point Foundation Philippines has not officially registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission but operates under the organization of Sumulong Baptist Church’s ministry, it is the intention of Breaking Point to operate independently.

Its director, Jeffrey Aspacio, has been planning about establishing it independently and raising funds for it locally and abroad. In fact, he plans on seeking help from his in-laws in Houston, Texas and friends in California for this endeavor. He might have to get the help of Houston Movers if he would be spending quite some time in the Houston, Texas. Like my in-laws in Texas, when they purchased their homes in Houston, they needed services of a moving company in Houston. This company,, should have been the one they contacted. They are so unbiased in the service they offer that they even offer tips on how to choose and investigate on a moving company. Their service, as their website says is unrivaled and they have provided quality service to thousands of customers in Texas.

But, going back to Breaking Point, the goal is to be able to have enough funds for the organization so the financial requirements for starting an NGO in the Philippines will be met. This will then move the organization towards its goal to become independent. Independence, on the other hand, does not mean that it will also cease working with the organizations it works with currently. It just intends to keep the integrity of Breaking Point as a substance and drug abuse prevention organization.