The Youth of Today and the "Emo" Phenomenon

Posted by Jeff | Friday, April 24, 2009

There are so many issues that young people are facing today. The most persistent of which that has been going around for some time, locally, is this “emo” phenomenon. A handful of parents have come to us confessing of some weird attitudes their kids have had since they jumped into emo. It is fairly easy to spot an “emo.” Choice of fashion is mostly black, they sport bangs that almost cover the eyes and they go into their solitary place most days.

Suicide can be pointed to this “emo” phenomenon. This type of lifestyle encourages youngsters to seek into themselves, listen to “emo” songs, which translates to “sentimental.” Then they go into deep emotional state of dwelling into everything that could possibly be wrong with their lives towards depression and the most horrible thing that a parent would have to go through is when a child commits suicide.

This subject is a dynamic one and deserves another post altogether. But if you are a parent and you suspect anything at all, make sure to talk this out with your child. Report Callers if you have to. For all we know there might even be callers that your child has been entertaining that influences him or her into this kind of lifestyle. exposes who is behind calls that are unwanted or worse, annoying ones. Be vigilant, our children are under attack and we should always be in the look out.