Remodeling Lives

Posted by Jeff | Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whenever the group Breaking Point Foundation goes to each school, we equip ourselves to be ready for whatever it is that we are purposed to do. One of the many things that we have to keep in mind that we will be dealing with various sets of kids with different sets of values picked up from their respective families. But really, we have come to share with them the good news and that is like spiritual remodeling.

When a home is set for remodeling, layout and plans are made. The dynamics of dealing with a person is far more profound than dealing with home modeling projects. But incidentally, Seattle Remodeling will give you the best quality job, if you are within Seattle. Home improvements are usually done by those who would rather spent a portion of the amount rather than buying a brand new house. Some also make use of remodeling to be able raise the value of their homes that they want to resell.

The value of the lives of those precious souls that we reach out to, are far more than any house, remodeled or not. This is why we are dedicated to follow up all those who made professions of faith and lead them to a youth ministry where their questions will be answered.