Young people who are given the proper guidance can do well for their own future. Especially in making the right decisions about the college degree they should take and eventually the career path they most follow. Youth counselors and guidance counseling offices in schools are the ones responsible for giving this kind of guidance to students. But, it must be noted that they are not the ones primarily responsible for this.

Parents are the ones who are primarily responsible for guiding their child who is graduating in high school. I know of a student who was given this proper guidance and made the decision to take up Mechanical Engineering. He pursued a career like the one in Dallas HVAC-Air-Conditioning and made it good. He was involved in the local market but was able to save up to invest in his own house and car.

Since the parents supposedly know their child more than their teachers and guidance counselors, they should be the ones motivating their child into making the right decision. Plus, the motivation that parents can give is incomparable to what other people (teachers, guidance counselors and friends) can provide.

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