Positive Approach to Prevention

Posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking Point Foundation is committed to addressing the four major issues that youth face. These are peer pressure, attitude, self-esteem and relationships/ sex. Our organization approaches these topics in a positive way. Take for example the topic of relationships.

Breaking Point Foundation has a program entitled “Next Time I Fall In Love” which deals about responsible relationships. Using skits, stories, and letters from young people, the concept of the emotional protection of one's self and others is presented. The alternative of sexual abstinence as an adolescent is presented. The classroom interaction workshops involve interaction with students that reviews the presentation, presents the need for proper emotional growth and commitment in order to have happy and healthy relationships.

Although Breaking Point’s programs are all preventive, we also provide assistance to those who have been victims and help in enforcing the law. We know of a link that can help parents Track Sex Offenders. The url is TrackSexOffenders.net. It is a web site that can help prevent abuse by aiding in identifying sex offenders and where they are located.

Breaking Point believes in rehabilitation of past offenders but also places importance in the prevention of abuse cases so our organization does not advocate condemnation and judgmental treatment to past offenders.