The Breaking Point Foundation was originally from Springfield, Missouri and founded by the late Steve Thompson, a missions pastor of Highstreet Baptist Church who had a black belt in taekwondo. He used his skill and trainings received to develop an abuse prevention program that utilized humor and skill, presented this program to high schools in the United Sates and founded the organization. Eventually, their programs were presented to other countries also.

In 1998, talks between Eddie Lyons, pastor of Sumulong Baptist Church then, and Steve began about bringing Breaking Point's program to the Philippines. By January of 1999 a group of Americans (including Lance Gotcher, current pastor of Sumulong Baptist Church), headed by Steve Thompson, came over to the Philippines and conducted programs at different high schools in Pasig City, Marikina City and Antipolo City. A few months prior to the trip, training sessions were held for Filipino volunteers (including the current Philippines director of Breaking Point Foundation, Jeffrey Aspacio) through training videos.

The following year, another group of volunteers from the U.S. came to the Philippines and prior to that year 2000 trip, local volunteers were again trained but this time the local volunteers from the previous trip helped in the training.

By October 2000, talks about starting a Philippines office for Breaking Point Foundation and trainings were conducted by Jeff Aspacio at Baguio City for the 2001 wave of programs.

On January 2001, after the week long programs at Baguio City, Steve Thompson officially appointed Jeff Aspacio as director of Breaking Point Foundation Philippines through the ministry of Sumulong Baptist Church.

Since then, Breaking Point Foundation Philippines has conducted programs around Metro Manila and has coordinated mission trips for international volunteers who desire to prevent substance abuse by helping students know how to have a change of heart through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For parties who are interested in partnering with Breaking Point Foundation in their area, you can contact Jeff Aspacio through and you can visit their Breaking Point's Official Site for more information.