Saving Is Still the Best

Posted by Jeff | Monday, July 14, 2008

Financial emergencies can happen anytime. And even with a stable job or a steady and regular income, experiencing financial strain is inevitable. That is why it is very important to be ready for these. The best way to prepare is by saving up some money, a better alternative even to the best payday loan available.

In the Philippines, this habit is seldom practiced. In many of the seminars on avoiding financial tension we have conducted among parents of high school students, it is normal to see only less than five hands go up in a crowd of about sixty parents when we ask how many of them save. Many of them are surprised and amazed to find out how beneficial it is to save when we start to show basic computations of how much they can save when they do consistently it on a weekly basis. A lot of them find it difficult to save because of the so many needs to be met in their families. But many of them admit that they just did not get used to doing it and have considered doing so through the seminar we conducted. Saving money really is the best answer to financial emergencies.