Below are additional pictures taken during the Breaking Point Missions Trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. You can read the report about the missions trip at Breaking Point Foundation's Official Website.

Palawan and Houston team members practice the classroom workshop and testimonies

Volunteer from team Manila working with team Houston members on their testimonies

A couple from team Houston with team Palawan volunteers

Two ladies from team Houston practicing with team Manila volunteer

Students from Sicsican National High School

Students from Palawan National High School and some of our volunteers with Houston team leader Sandy Baird (left most)

Stanley Fontenot opening the program at Palawan National High School with some music from his bagpipe

Breaking Point Philippines director, Jeff Aspacio with the rest of the martial arts team (from left: Alex Litonjua Jr., Ted Amper, Alvin Litonjua and Erwin Ibana)

Alex Litonjua Jr. attempting a board break

From right: Jeff Aspacio, Lance Gotcher, PNS Principal - Mrs. Moises and a colleague