Inexpensive Retail Therapy

Posted by Jeff | Friday, August 22, 2008

Addictions come in various forms. There are people who get hooked on drugs, others on alcohol. Other people get addicted to pornography. Still there are others who get addicted to things that don’t seem to be harmful, like eating, video games and even shopping.

It is actually not surprising how people go for what is known as “retail therapy” with every productive intention in mind and end up getting addicted. Some would even find themselves later having that compulsion to buy things that they don’t have a need for to begin with. That can be harmful to that person’s pocket.

But does shopping always have to hurt one’s pocket or credit? Well, if it is unplanned, it will. But if it is planned and if trends regarding seasonal sales are studied, one can save a lot of money with planned spending.

A tip is shopping during Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. You can actually suggest this to your friends for black friday 2008, which is November 28. You can also visit and purchase Black Friday items online. This web site offers email alerts on new Black Friday ads posted.

I am actually thinking of suggesting this to my in-laws who are in Texas. As my wife is looking to buy an iPhone, she can probably do this through the site’s connection to Apple Store.

So if you are planning your spending this year, shop during Black Friday and do it online.