Alternative Teaching Tools For High School Students

Posted by Jeff | Friday, November 21, 2008

Teaching high school students probably is one of the most difficult and challenging responsibilities. As our group travel to different high schools and present our program to them, we experience a brief moment of that challenge when our volunteers talk to students, and sometimes in our country, reaching up to 60 to 70 in a classroom.

As I browse through the internet, I cam across this online education site called Brightstorm. They have educational video products that is fun to watch and listen to. The teachers in their videos are veteran and well experienced high school teachers and are very competent, making their educational video professional but very fun at the same time. The illustrations they use are very simple and effective, but I particularly am impressed by the flexibility and effectiveness that an on site take or shot, for the history courses which I got to view (Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt), can provide. It is like bringing the students to a field trip and making education not limited within the classroom.

I think this method is a very effective way and I would highly consider it for parents who can afford the cost which is actually not much compared to the value of the education that can be given to their teenager. Remember, education does not cost- it pays.