Breaking Point Foundation (Phils.), Inc., an affiliate of The Breaking Point Foundation in Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A., is a locally based NGO that addresses the problem of drug abuse among young people. It has teams of Crisis Intervention and Prevention Specialists and Presenters who are “meeting people at their breaking points” through unique presentations. Using athletic skill, humor, drama and audience participation, Breaking Point’s team members provide large group presentations followed by small group interaction as well as a variety of workshop programs. Breaking Point’s programs are designed to prevent suicide and substance abuse.

This group travels all over the Philippines each year presenting their programs to high school students. Mr. Jeffrey Aspacio, the director of Breaking Point Philippines, leads them. Civic-minded persons and organizations support the group and they offer their program free of charge.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, students, housewives, engineers, architects, and people from all walks of life are trained and join this group and stand in front of the youth of our area to discourage the youth from getting lost in the drug culture.

Our Philosophy

We believe that to effectively prevent violence and substance abuse among youth we have to address the root of the problem - the problem of the heart of man. Breaking Point is committed to making the youth understand this root cause and teaching them how to have a “change of heart”. This, we believe, is the most effective way of prevention. That even if unlawful substances are very much available around youth, once they’ve experienced this “change of heart”, they will have the power to say no to these negative influences.