Additional Benefits for Employees

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When I started out as a volunteer at Breaking Point Foundation, I didn’t receive any financial compensation, of course. But after two years of volunteering, assisting in training of new volunteers and eventually leading the local team of volunteers, I was offered the job to start up the office of Breaking Point International here in the Philippines.

When I was hired officially in January of 2001, I received a good starting pay for a single person during that time. When I was given additional responsibilities, I started receiving other benefits such as a healthcare plan which covers hospitalization in a semi-private room. It wasn’t like that of kaiser permanente of course. But it was enough for me.

This online insurance company has different areas covered in the USA. They have a kaiser permanente Colorado office. This state is one of the few places where our volunteers have come from. Another office they have is kaiser permanente California .

Wherever you are located, this company can give you what you want. Whether it is individual and family coverage or a group or business coverage, you can easily find it. So, for companies like ours who need to start providing additional benefits to their employees, try this company.