Being Resonsible Stewards of God's Resources

Posted by Jeff | Friday, May 15, 2009

Recently, our church’s giving has increased which is really a great blessing because it has allowed us to upgrade our facilities. Some of the major projects our church has gone into are, first, the purchase of a video projector.

Early this year, we were able to purchase our new video projector which is the Acer X1160Z. It boasts of 2,000 ANSI Lumens and produces a very clear projection. This has greatly upgraded how we did things at church this past few months. We have even tried doing a film showing and we saw the movie Fireproof as a Valentine event.

Secondly, earlier last year or the other year, one of the young professionals at church purchased a set of cymbals for our drum set and this has also drastically changed for good our music ministry.

With these investments, we have increased security in our church and members of our youth and adult ministries have worked together to police in the facility. We just need to get some of the locks in the church upgraded. We can probably hire companies like San Francisco Locksmith or at least a local version of it so we can make sure that all the investments we have made are properly secured and we act as responsible stewards of these resources God has given us.