Plumbing Projects for our Facility

Posted by Jeff | Friday, May 15, 2009

At the current office of Breaking Point Foundation Philippines, which is where SC Makati and JIVE Youth Center and Manna Feeding Center Guadalupe are housed, there are some plumbing issues that we need to work on.

The faucet in the kitchen sink that we use for the church and our feeding program from Tuesday to Friday needs to be replaced. It has been leaking for a while now and we have made some attempts to fix it but to no avail.

The same thing happened with the piping connections in our men’s restroom. The faucet in the sink of the restroom for males is not working because of the piping system underneath the sink. This is another project we need to work on soon. We also need to buy a sink for the ladies restroom.

In our church, we don’t have a professional plumber or at least someone who knows how to fix these things. E have considered hiring locally based plumbing companies like Lubbock Plumber but we are still working on budgeting for these projects.

We hope that in the next few weeks, after paying off rent and electricity, we will be able to work on these repairs and parts replacements.