Right now, plans for the July missions trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan are already drawn up. The schedule of the trip is set on July 26, which is a Sunday, to the 29th or the 30th of the same month which is either Wednesday or Thursday.

During last year’s trip, we had the same schedule but went into at least for campuses. This year, we will be going to just one school (one of the high schools we went to last year). This school has a big population and we are looking into doing two or three programs per day for two days for us to show the program to all the students in the school.

In our visit last year, one thing we noticed is that the school does not have a facility where multiple classes can be gathered together to watch a large group presentation. The school may need some additional structures for this type of activity and may need to avail the services of companies like Wichita Remodeling, but locally based. If that happens in the next few months then we can reduce the number of programs we will need to present at the high school in Palawan. If not, then we will be ready.