Practical Tips to Help the Environment

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Aside from substance and violence prevention, we also encourage people we come across with to take part in doing their share in helping the environment. Practical tips can really go a long way, if we come to think about it. Global warming is at its peak and we all feel the wrath of the environment because of the many years of abuse by its inhabitants –us.

Practical tips start with making sure to change all light bulbs in the house with energy saving ones. We can easily conclude that 20% of electricity bill of every household comes from lighting facilities. We all know how traditional bulbs’ energy is wasted because it turns to heat while energy saving ones work light fluorescent lamps. These kinds of lamps might be a little pricier than the regular bulbs but it will prove to be the more practical buy because it lasts longer than the regular one. This alone will cut electricity cost and will save you money.

Unplug electrical appliances when not in use. Very often we just allow the to stay plugged out of convenience for later use. But fact is, appliances eats up electricity even when on standby. Wirings should also be checked by a qualified electrician, like a Denver Electrician.

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