Breaking Point Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and survives through the regular gifts and donations of its supporters and those who give on a per project basis. There are other organizations that support us not just financially but also by making their volunteers available to us. There are others who support Breaking Point by allowing us free use of their facilities. There are even individuals who support us through car donation or by lending us their car during special events where we need to transport volunteers.

Foundations or non-profit organizations usually operate this way. Many organizations even have major campaigns for fund raising. The money raised in these campaigns are all used for operations and eventually towards accomplishing the organization’s charitable mission.

There are many non-profit organizations like us. One of them is Supporting organizations like Breaking Point Foundation or DonateACar2Charity is one way of expressing support for charitable organizations. Through vehicle donations, these organizations are able to raise funds that they could use for overhead expenses like for employees salaries and for special mission projects and for funding of regular programs.

Giving to or supporting charitable organizations can also benefit a company or an individual because they can get a tax deduction. Once they have filled out the necessary documents and have cleared their car for donation, DonateACar2Charity can provide free towing with absolutely no cost to the donors. The donated car is then evaluated to help donors determine their options and provide them with the best possible tax deduction, thus, helping them maximize their tax deduction.

Best of all, donors leave a legacy that will outlast them. This is what’s most fulfilling in getting involved with support of non-profit organizations. So, if you are interested in supporting and your heart has been touched, click the necessary links in this page and donate car there.

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