Business Opportunities in High Schools

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In high schools that Breaking Point Foundation has gone to, I have observed the absence of Vending Machines or the lack of it. In the cities in Metro Manila, public high schools can range from 1,800 students per campus to 8,000 students. With this number, it can be difficult to provide a facility, like a canteen, to hold the students and service all their needs.

But having additional facilities, in my opinion, like a drinking fountain, a Vending Machine and some food carts can help serve the needs of these students. This can also open opportunities to teachers who can venture into the Vending Machine Business or food cart business.

They just need to learn about the types of Vending Machines and other information that can help them start their Vending Machine Business right. They should also be aware of the impact of having another business, aside from their responsibilities in their teaching profession, can have. By knowing and anticipating this, they can make adjustments without really taking their other responsibilities for granted.

But, all this, of course must be under the approval of the school administrators and the school division superintendent. This is necessary so that there will be no stepping over of responsibilities and no conflict of interest happens.