A Vision for our Organization

Posted by Jeff | Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just recently a sign was put up outside the current office of Breaking Point Foundation. Our organization’s logo was not placed their because it was the sign for the ministry that supports our organization and allows us to use their office facilities.

Breaking Point Foundation is set up in such a way that it is technically independent from other organizations that support it. But it operates in such a way that most of its participants are volunteers from other organizations that support its mission, vision and philosophy.

Eventually, when funds become available, our organization will have its own sign installed on its own office and facility. At least, that is the vision of the organization – to have its own office facility, and un its own office and support its own administrators. We hope that funds will eventually become available to be used for hiring companies like Chicago Electrician to install the lights on its sign, for supporting regular staff like a martial arts team that can reproduce itself by training other martial artists, for feeding its volunteers during programs and funding other mission trips and initial preparatory trips. We believe that nothing is impossible especially with the noble endeavor that we have, people will eventually buy into what our organization does and support it.