Breaking Point and Its Desire to Reach More

Posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Part of the future plans of Breaking Point Foundation is to become an organization that accredits other youth organizations that share its philosophy and beliefs. It hopes to be a center of training and empowerment for volunteers from different youth organizations.

For us to achieve that, I realize that we need to start getting permanent people on board our team who will specialize in different areas of our program. We will need black belts to train others who will be part of our martial arts routine. We will also need people experienced with drama to handle our dramas. Of course, we will be needing the help of past volunteers who are very experienced with the workshops we teach and facilitate.

As these people are included in the team, they will need their own office equipment like outdoor couches
, office table and a comfortable chair, and a computer work station. And it is obvious that things like bathroom vanities or bedroom furniture won’t be necessary. We will try our best to provide their office needs but of course the budget may be limited at the beginning. We are ready to face this challenge and possibility and we hope for the best for the organization.