SSG Advisers and faculty from the five high schools who participated in the 2009 summer youth camp

Delegates from the high schools in Makati

A total of 5 high schools from Makati participated in this year’s summer youth camp which was co-organized by Breaking Point Foundation. A letter of invitation was sent to the office of the Division of City Schools of Makati prior to the event and was approved by the Division Superintendent. However, not all the nine high schools of Makati were able to send delegates as the communication was sent and released quite near the end of the classes and other high schools have already made plans for summer activities.

The five high schools that sent delegates were Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School, Pitogo high School, Bangkal High School, San Isidro National High School and San Antonio National High School. Below are photos of the delegates and faculty members who participated in the summer youth camp.