Electrician Needed this Next Few Weeks

Posted by Jeff | Monday, May 18, 2009

Does anyone know any electrician or companies like Madison Electrician but based here in the Philippines? One of Breaking Point Foundation’s sponsor, Sumulong Baptist Church – Makati (www.sbcmakati.org), in the next few weeks will be having some of its electrical plugs and lighting for their church sign fixed.

The electric plugs are for the stage equipment like the guitar amplifiers, guitar effects and fans. There used to be multiple plugs at the SBC Makati’s stage area but they suffered from natural wear and tear through regular use. They also need to be replaced to accommodate more plugs and doing this might require an upgrade of the circuit breaker of its connection.

For SBC Makati’s church sign, well, there used to be a connection already. That was for the previous lighted sign. But the church is not familiar with its connection and switch so they are considering just having it redone and a new one be installed for the new sign. With the larger surface area of 18 feet by 5 feet, they would need more lighting to make it visible at night. This new sign that they had installed is sort of a billboard but quite smaller than the regular one.